Professor Anirudh KrishnaAnirudh Krishna  |  Areas of Expertise: Social policy, Economic Inequality, Poverty Studies

Anirudh Krishna is a professor of public policy and political science at Duke University. His research investigates how poor communities and individuals in developing countries cope with the structural and personal constraints that result in poverty and powerlessness. His most recent book, One Illness Away: Why People Become Poor and How they Escape Poverty (Oxford University Press, 2010), examines poverty dynamics at the household level, tracking movements into and out of poverty of over 35,000 households in 400 communities of India, Kenya, Uganda, Peru and North Carolina, USA.


Sriram-June2014-shot by Ninad DiwakarM S Sriram  |  Areas of Expertise: Financial Inclusion, Poverty Studies

Sriram is Visiting Professor at IIM Bangalore. He is also a Distinguished Fellow of IDRBT – set up by RBI. Till 2010 he was the ICICI Bank Lalita Gupte Chair Professor of Microfinance, and Chairperson Finance and Accounting Area at the IIM Ahmedabad. He was on the faculty of IRMA for 6 years and has taught in the Solvay Brussels School of Business and Economics, SPJain Center of Management in Dubai and Singapore. For a brief period of 2 years he was a Vice President at BASIX. Sriram is a co-author of three Books – Beyond Micro-credit  published by Sage-Vistaar and two books on Flow of Credit to Small and Marginal Farmers.  He is on the board of NABFINS, NDDB Dairy Services, Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, and a Trustee of Pratham Books and Dastkar Andhra.


erikErik Wibbels  |  Areas of Expertise: Local Governance, Political Economy, Political Geography

Erik Wibbels is a Professor of Political Science at Duke University. His research focuses on development, redistribution and political geography. Current projects include the origins and implications of redistributive policies, the geography of state-building and slum governance in India. He also works regularly with the the international donor community to improve foreign aid projects aimed at improving the quality of governance and currently evaluating a USAID-funded accountability initiative in 150 of Ghana’s district governments. Links to some of his published and working papers are available at:


K. S. WP_20140820_003 (2)Ramdas  |  Areas of Expertise: Leadership and Partnerships, Economics, Microfinance

Mr. Ramdas is the CEO of the Jana Urban Foundation in Bangalore. He has over three decades of experience in Indian and international financial markets starting with Bank of America in India. Over the next 17 years, he was with the JP Morgan Chase Group in New York, during which time he was honored with Chase’s highest award, The Excalibur, in 1992. Ram ran the Toronto Dominion Bank’s flagship Mid-Atlantic small business banking group. He returned to India in June 2008 to head DCB Bank’s foray into SME banking, which is its premier vertical today. He relocated to Bangalore in 2010 as CEO of the enterprise business of Janalakshmi Financial Services. In his current role, he guides Jana Foundation’s use of customer insights, research, financial advisory and spatial analytics to extend financial inclusion to the urban underserved.