More than one billion people worldwide live in settlements defined by the UN as ‘slums’ and the population of slumdwellers, within India’s largest cities increased from 71 to 93 million in the past decade. The conditions and complexities of low income communities are poorly documented due to limited research surrounding the ways in which such areas develop and change (or remain stagnant) over time. There are many sources that track quality of life metrics in urban cities, but this scattered information only provides general overviews, and often does not give personal insights into individual homes and  lives.

As part of the Pathways to Prosperity study’s holistic approach to creating a detailed overview of urban poverty in India,  Namma Mane | Our Home converses directly with the data to give a window into the lives of families living in low income communities.

Created by:  Madhu Ganesh & Jennifer Stratton  |  Produced by: P2P Research Team (2014)